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Toyotas Hits Just Keep on Coming

April 30, 2010

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration chief David Strickland told a congressional hearing  that the regulator is considering whether to make “black boxes” mandatory for all new vehicles. [ID:nN11246251]The devices can capture data on speed, braking effort and other details which can be vital in reconstructing accidents. New cars and  would be required to carry black boxes to record crash information under a new series of proposals following Toyota’s massive recalls.The draft also proposes that manufacturers would help fund the U.S. government’s motor industry safety agency.

Wonder if they would be available in Nascar designs…

Holy Man Claims to Have Lived Without Food, Water for 70 Years

April 29, 2010

 Indian doctors are studying an 83-year-old holy man who claims to have spent the last seven decades without food and water.

Military doctors hope the experiments on Prahlad Jani can help soldiers develop their survival strategies.

The long-haired and bearded yogi is under 24-hour observation by a team of 30 specialists during three weeks of tests at a hospital in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad.

Two cameras have been set up in his room, while a mobile camera films him when he goes outside, guaranteeing round-the-clock observation. His body will be scanned and his brain and heart activity measured with electrodes.

Since the experiment began on April 22, Jani has had no food or water and has not been to the toilet. When questioned about all the empty Red Bull cans, Prahlad Jani said that didn’t count because Red Bull was neither food nor water..Also since he has no toilet he said the Red Bull made him go  to the bathroom outside alot.. Jani spends most of his time as a Dell problem call technician..

Women With Suntans Will Be Arrested, Iran Police Chief Warns

April 29, 2010

Women with suntans are violating Islamic law and will be arrested in Iran, the capital city’s police chief was reported by The Daily Telegraph as saying Wednesday.”The public expects us to act firmly and swiftly if we see any social misbehavior by women, and men, who defy our Islamic values,” Brigadier Hossien Sajedinia said. The warning follows recent comments made by a hard-line Iranian cleric, who claimed women dressed in revealing clothing were disturbing young men and causing earthquakes.

A model presents swimwear for Muslims during the Islamic Fashion Fair in Istanbul April 11, 2010.  I am getting an eyeful of calf… Investigating Kim Kardashian and recent LA earthquake..

Why Germany Does Not What To Bail Out Greece..

April 29, 2010

Currently retirement age for public employees in Germany is 67… Vasia Veremi may be only 28, but as a hairdresser in Athens, she is keenly aware that, under a current Greek  law that treats her job as hazardous to her health,  she has the right to retire with a full pension at age 50.

Perhaps not, but it is still difficult to explain to outsiders why the Greek government has identified at least 580 job categories deemed to be hazardous enough to merit retiring early — at age 50 for women and 55 for men.

Greece’s patchwork system of early retirement has contributed to the out-of-control state spending that has led to Europe’s sovereign debt crisis. Its pension promises will grow sharply in coming years, and investors can see the country has not set aside enough to cover those costs, making it harder for Greece to borrow at a reasonable rate.

As a consequence of decades of bargains struck between strong unions and weak governments, Greece has promised early retirement to about 700,000 employees, or 14 percent of its work force, giving it an average retirement age of 61, one of the lowest in Europe.

The law includes dangerous jobs like coal mining and bomb disposal. But it also covers radio and television presenters, who are thought to be at risk from the bacteria on their microphones, and musicians playing wind instruments, who must contend with gastric reflux as they puff and blow.

I wonder if  nail technicians in Greece are included………..Those cuticle clippings can be hazardous..


Ask the Eye.. How Much is Enough??

April 29, 2010

Dear Eye View.

I have recently started in the work world and am negotiating my salary..I am not sure how  to determine how much I am worth.. What do you recommend as a good salary. I have been seeing all the greedy people on television that President Obama seems to hate.. I have a big student loan and rent to pay and would like to support myself. What do you recommend?

Confused- Fly over Country.

Dear Confused

I understand your confusion.. The Eye is listening.  .   

There is only one correct answer.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: “Now, what we’re doing, I want to be clear, we’re not trying to push financial reform because we begrudge success that’s fairly earned. I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”

One dollar under what O thinks as enough… Hopes this help

Eye View

Eye View Update.. State Workers..Tony Isn’t Happy

April 29, 2010

Currently New Jersey state workers can retire at age 49, and if they have $124k in their retirement plan can receive $3.3M in pension and $500,000 in medical for $3.8M retirement. If they have $62k in retirement can retire at 49 and will receive $1.4 M/ $215k toward medical. NJ has written checks they can’t cash.. Tony is not going to like this. bada bing

Al Gore Buys CA Shoreline Mansion…Awkward

April 29, 2010

Former Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper, have added a Montecito/ Santa Barbara CA -area property to their real estate holdings, reports the Montecito Journal.

The couple spent $8,875,000 on an ocean-view villa on 1.5 acres with a swimming pool, spa and fountains, a real estate source familiar with the deal confirms. The Italian-style house has six fireplaces, five bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

Some of the most memorable images from Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth, are the graphics that show how rising ocean levels will dramatically alter our planet’s coastlines. As Greenland’s ice sheets collapse, Gore predicts that our shores will be flooded and sea-bordering cities will sink beneath the water leaving millions of people homeless. His narration tells the audience that, due to global warming, melting ice could release enough water to cause at 20-foot rise in sea level “in the near future.” Al PT Barnum Gore…

Senator Levin Hates Trading Air..What About Trading Synthetic Air???

April 29, 2010

‘This is Alabama; we speak English,’ governor candidate says

April 29, 2010

Amid a national debate over Arizona’s tough new immigration law, Republican Alabama gubernatorial candidate Tim James (and son of previous Gov. Fob James) vows in a new campaign ad that if he’s elected, he’ll give the state driver’s license exam only in English, as a cost-saving measure.

“This is Alabama; we speak English,” he says in the ad. “If you want to live here, learn it.” 

Clinton’s niece living on food stamps… Not Feeling Her Pain

April 28, 2010