Thieves tunnel into Paris bank to steal cash and jewelery worth $22million in French ‘crime of the century’

At least £22million in cash and jewelery has been stolen after four men tunnelled into the vaults of a Paris bank and emptied 200 safes.

The heist – already being described as France’s ‘crime of the century’ – saw the gang start digging in a neighbouring cellar, before using pickaxes and a even a flame thrower to break through 31in thick walls to the vaults.

They then spent ‘a leisurely time’ breaking open and emptying the high-security private safe deposit boxes, police said.

The gang, nicknamed The Termites, is thought to have spent several days weakening the walls before they struck.

The crime at the Credit Lyonnais bank over the weekend appeared to be a copy of the notorious Spaggiari heist, which took place in Nice more than 30 years ago. 

 Known thieves Danny Ocean and Thomas Crown could not be located for comments





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