Moody Eye Time Machine… Skip To the Ending…IT Problems Put Accuracy of Census at Risk, Say Government Auditors

Information technology problems at the U.S. Census Bureau could cause inaccuracies in this year’s constitutionally mandated count of the U.S. population, according to government auditors.
The Census Bureau is specifically having problems with two IT systems.  One is the Paper-Based Operational Control System (PBOC), which is the computer database where Census Bureau field operatives upload the data they collect from people who did not mail responses to the bureau. 
The second is the Decennial Applicant Personnel and Payroll System (DAPPS), which is the system used to keep track of, and pay, the more than 600,000 temporary federal workers who help conduct the Census operations.

During the hearing, Goldenkoff warned that “little time is left” to correct the IT problems that affect the NRFU.
Goldenkoff pointed out that not addressing the IT problems could result in the Census costing more than the estimated $14.7 billion figure.
“It certainly will affect cost if you want to be totally precise about it,” Goldenkoff told

Fast forward… Can’t read the doctors prescription/ can’t pay the doctors correctly/can’t stay on budget/can’t provide precision.. coming to a clinic near you…..


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