All I Wanna do is Make Some Water..

Sheryl Crow  performing at a benefit concert for World Water Day, gives suggestions for how people can use less water.
The Grammy-winning singer, part time hydrologist,  is doing a benefit performance on Monday in celebration of World Water Day,  Wyatt her two year old son  already knows not to flush the toilet just for fun, because it wastes water. “We were brought up to shut off the water when we were brushing our teeth, only ran the dishwasher when it was stuffed, never took 45-minute showers.”

Those measures, along with running the washing machine at a low water level, are among those people can take to conserve water, she said. Maybe Sheryl  should cancel the concert all together and save 15 years worth of toilet flushes from beer drinking fans…







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2 Responses to “All I Wanna do is Make Some Water..”

  1. Bob Moody Says:

    Is’nt she the one who suggested one (1) sheet of toilet paper per use. Funny, I never take a crap without thinking about her, she would be so proud.

  2. moodyeyeview Says:

    I think that was one sheet and one ply…

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