Ask the Eye.. The Doctor is In

Dear Moody Eye View
My 13-year-old son, a well-behaved, sweet boy, already has what I perceive as a strange fetish. He loves and is fascinated by latex gloves. When he was little, he would stop in front of the rubber glove display at the supermarket and just stare at the packages of dishwashing gloves. Now that he’s older, he goes online to medical supply Web sites and “shops” for rubber gloves. He worries that he might not be able to find a girlfriend or wife who will be interested in sharing his glove love. Should I try to stop him, or should I just chalk it up to a personality quirk and worry no longer?

Hand in Glove

Dear Hand,
If you believe that it is a personality quirk and should worry no longer then you  are a bigger dumb ass than I thought. Fetishism is a type of paraphilia, a disorder of deviant sexual behavior. People with fetishes are attracted to inanimate objects—women’s shoes and rubber are two common ones. This kid needs help stat….For the time being have him wash dishes in a Ponderosa Steak House in high heels and a hair net to get his mind right and free him from the grip of the glove… Oh also you are a failure as a mother. Hope this helps..

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3 Responses to “Ask the Eye.. The Doctor is In”

  1. Bob Moody Says:

    whew, I am so relieved. I now see some use for my 8400 hair nets in 12 assorted colors.

  2. moodyeyeview Says:

    Glad to help…. the Doctor is always in…

  3. erin Says:

    Phew is right. I only hope MY own mother doesn’t write in, only for me to read she is a failure.

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